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Terms and Conditions

1. Monthly Rates: Monthly rates mentioned above are applicable for 1 (one) shift of 8/12 hours duty for 30 days.

2. VAT: 15% VAT is applicable on total monthly invoice.

3. Validity: This offer is valid for one month from the time of submission of this proposal.

4. Insurance coverage: Public liability insurance coverage up to a certain amount for any loss or damage incurred due to Millennium Certis Security Bangladesh Ltd personnel negligence.

5. Contract: A contract has to be signed by both the parties prior to commencement of service.

6. Inflation adjustment: After one year of completion service the rate will be increased by 20% of agreed rate

7. Payments:

a. All payments must be made in favour of Millennium Certis Security Bangladesh Ltd in the form of PO/DD/Account Payee Cheque.

b. Monthly bill have to pay by 5th day of month.

A lead time of 7 Days is recommended for deployment.